Local Butchers: GW Meats in Seaton

We are lucky in that there are two independent butchers in Seaton – GW Meats and Mulberry Manor Meats. Lucky, because a massive Tesco’s opened in Seaton just over a year ago and both butchers survived. Probably because they are really good. You won’t get meat of this quality, at this price, in Tesco’s. Nor the selection as GW Meats has the usual suspects & cuts (beef, pork, lamb & chicken) but also carries duck (breasts & whole) and our much favoured Skirt Steak. And they are very willing to have a chat & respond – we initially queried them for free range chicken which they did not carry but within a week they did.


You also won’t get the sense of humour of our local butcher. Not just in the over-the-counter banter (only bettered by the proprietor of Akerman’s ironmongers in Fore Street), but also in the signs that change every week or so. Old school humour from an old school butcher – we love it.Image



2 thoughts on “Local Butchers: GW Meats in Seaton

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