Seaton Farmers Market


We literally stumbled into the Seaton’s Farmers Market as it happened to be on the day we moved in (Friday the 16th of November, 2012) and we also made it to the one just before Christmas. Here’s the 2013 schedule as far as they have been published: January 18th, February 15th, March 15th, April 19th, May 24th and June 21st with the rest of the year to be announced.

The market is held in the town hall. This provides a great all-weather venue and the building has a nice facade, but it doesn’t have the draw of a good outdoor market, with the advantage of passing trade (not that there is a lot of that in Seaton at this time of year…). There are a few stalls – meat, cheese and a few veggies. It would be good to have some interesting bread, or a brewery represented or some local charcuterie master, but it is nice to have a few local producers, doing good things.

The Somerset brie that we have bought there is likely to be a regular purchase. A buttery yellow, it is rich and well-flavoured. After a few days, it goes to a satisfylngly spreadable consistency, but doesn’t stink out the fridge. Another interesting local cheese is the Devon Oke which is made from a 17th century recipe and is a full fat, hard cheese – yum.


We also ran into a familiar face from the Exeter Farmer’s Market – the wild game man. He’s got an excellent array of game on hand including venison, rabbit, pigeon and pheasant at quite modest prices. We bought 4 pheasant breasts for £4 – a steal in our book – and they were excellent with a dry curry spice rub (and even better the next day in a wrap).


The veggie stand, though acceptably sparse at this time of year, had some top notch offerings of which we were most impressed (an bought) a stalk of brussels sprouts for a mere £2…a far cry better than London’s Borough Market. Hope to see you @ Seaton’s Farmer’s Market come January 18th!


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