Crewkerne’s (Somerset) Farmers Market


It happened to be the odd bright & sunny morning so an errand to drop off Hound #2’s recent purchase of a 1975 Series III Land Rover for a wee bit of maintenance was combined with a continuing journey to the market town of Crewkerne. And since that Saturday was the Saturday for the monthly Crewkerne Farmers Market and as it was just a few more minutes up the road, we stopped in.

We understand that this is not the prime time of year to be visiting, writing about & judging farmers markets as they are at the nadir of their season with regards to vegetable & fruit growers, but we still obtain some valuable insights in meeting & chatting with the folks who do show up.


The first stall we stopped at was a very familiar face – Beech Ridge Farm – as we had just seen them the day before at Seaton’s monthly farmers market & purchased one of these great free range chooks. Besides the fresh chicken, Beech Ridge Farm also have free range ducks available too. And in addition to the poultry side of things, they also farm veggies and at Seaton’s market they had great specimens of the usual winter suspects – root veggies, kale and brussels sprouts.

And this was a new stall to us – water buffalo here in the West Country. They had a good variety of cuts on hand as well as sausages and were rightly proud of their operation as family owned, with a perfect meat provenance – no horse meat to be found here! The buffalo are hung, matured, cut & processed on the farm by their own traditional butcher Barry.


And besides all of the fresh meat to choose from, the Crewkerne Farmers’ Market also has a pretty decent fishmonger on site.



And we always like to try & buy fresh, local fruit juices, jams & preserves when they are available at the markets – puts to shame the stuff the supermarkets sell.



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