Getaria…Costa Vasca

Getaria is a wee fishing village that is an easy coastal drive of about 25km to the west of San Sebastián. It, too, has a Parte Vieja (Old Section) though measurably smaller in size and buzz factor than San Sebastián which actually was a bit of a relief. It is a real fishing village with a small fleet of medium to small sized boats that chug off into the Atlantic waters, weather permitting, and return laden with piscine delicacies.


Getaria from the top of El Ratón

Though we were not pintxo’d out by a long shot, we decided to indulge in a dinnertime splurge with a serious sit down meal at Restaurant Iribar. Several of the old town restaurants, including Iribar, featured outdoor charcoal grills which, like the smell of a bakery, just plainly suck you in. We opted for an all fish sequence of dishes, starting off with an amazing plate of grilled squid (Chipirónes a la Plancha), followed by the grilled octopus (pic below) & capped off with Hake (La merluza). Our pintxos-sized stomachs were a bit strained but happy with this estupendo! meal.



Grilled Octopus – Polpo a la Placha

Getaria is also the home of a regional vino called Txcholina, or more affectionately called Txakoli (pronounced chak-ol-lee). It is a very dry white wine, low in alcohol and perfecto with pintxos & seafood. The traditional serving modus operandi, to add a bit of drama, is to pour it from a decent height, pretty much arm’s length, which seems to add a nip of fizz. The vines cover many of the steep hillsides surrounding Getaria, visible in all directions from the peak of El Ratón
Costa Vasca – Getaria from El Ratón

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