Greendale Farm Shop – Lots of Wow…


In our never ending farm shop tiki tour, we dropped into the Greendale Farm Shop – this is a seriously good farm shop that is well worth a visit if you be in the area. As we have written before, farm shops run the spectrum from heavily food focused to equal bits kitsch & food and the Greendale Farm Shop is squarely in the good food & plenty of it camp.


Condiments Alley

The Greendale Farm Shop ticks off most if not all of the necessary or expected farm shop core basics (bread, eggs, cheese, deli goods, condiments, etc…) but it is the fish and meat departments that clearly set this farm shop a rung or three up the farm shop ladder.


Cheese! Of Course…


Happy Chooks

The fish department was one of the best we have seen in all of our epicurean foraging adventures. It would be well respected & busy with custom even if it was in London – super selection and fresh as with a plethora of piscine pleasures covering lemon sole & haddock to lobster & crab and even sweet looking white anchovies. Greendale Farm, over the years, has built up its own wee fishing fleet based in Exmouth, which is just 6 miles from the shop. Talk about fresh off the boat! The only negative thing to say is it is a bit of a drive from home…

GDMontageAnd the meat department has real butchers with real beef – back to the seriously good old days with actual carcasses hanging to dry age. All the meat (beef, pork & lamb) is raised on the Greendale Farm, grass fed, as it has been done for generations – no misplaced horse to be found here.


Hang’n & Hard At Work


So if you find yourself drifting along the A3052 just out of Exeter, drop into the Greendale Farm Shop & stock up!

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