Miller’s Farm Shop’s Newest Addition – Lyme Bay Fish Shack


Fishmonger Dan & Fisherman John @ the Lyme Bay Fish Shack

We have waited with baited breath (pun intended) for the newest addition to our local farm shop (Miller’s – blog post here) to actually open and sell us some fish. We watched as the tradesmen measured, sawed & hammered bits and bobs together and slowly the Lyme Bay Fish Shack began to take shape.

We did an initial trial purchase of some beautiful looking pollack as a test case for a big lunch planned for the parents. The fish passed the taste & fresh test with flying colours! So we headed back the morning of the big day & were lucky enough to not only have Dan the Fishmonger in his usual spot (major design flaw has too tall Dan whacking his head on the ceiling every few minutes), but John the Fisherman who had just delivered his catch. Could not have been any fresher unless we had caught it ourselves which is the next adventure  – to head out for a bass fishing trip with John on his charter boat Outcast IIGame on, John!

So if you have an itch for some fish, make a quick stop @ the Lyme Bay Fish Shack and Dan will sort you out…


Hound #3 Chats with John The Fisherman


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