Branscombe’s Masons Arms Beer Fest


They seem to be a partnership made in heaven – good weather, beer festival! This past weekend (July 19th – 21st) was the Masons Arms (Branscombe) Beer Festival with 21 ales on tap as well as 6 ciders. Even without the attraction of a beer fest the Masons Arms is one of our favourite Devon pubs as they have not mucked it about much & tried to turn it into a modern UK pub-kit gastro atrocity. It has loads of good, old fashioned character with all the mod cons (nice loos) and the food is damn good & we’d easily say a good couple of notches above the bog standard. And they love hounds – yes!

MABeer Fest Collage Some of our most favoured ales & ciders on the day included Liberation Liberation Ale, Adnams Fat Sprat, St. Austell Gold Rush and the Orchard Pig Navelgazer Cider. As well as the cornucopia of drinks on hand there was plenty to chow down on including a full pig roast – praise the lard.

There was also a cavalcade of live music on hand that seemed to cover all the audience pleasing spectrums. Lets hope the summer continues…and the beer fests!

MABeer Fest2

Beer Fest Folks enjoying the fine weather and tasty drinks & food…Including Hound #1…sort of…



4 thoughts on “Branscombe’s Masons Arms Beer Fest

    • Well, you know it is a very rare event here – a summer in England with seriously pleasant weather…it appears to be coming to an end but there’s always hope as I have lots of fly fishing to do in Dartmoor!!!

    • He had a damn good sniff of the roasting oven & had to pull him back from jumping up & putting his paws on the steaming hot oven…chefs threw him some crackling which went down pretty well 😉

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