The Coast To Coast: The Best Meal


The 3 Hounds recently finished the 200+ mile Coast to Coast trek from Robin Hood’s Bay (Yorkshire, the East) to St. Bees (Cumbria, the West) & Hound #3 produced an excellent, detailed (lots of pics) blog post that can be pleasantly read here. So not to re-invent the already perfect post, I wanted to focus on the best meal of the trip (or the best we’ve had in a while, anywhere).

We were booked in to stay the night @ the most welcoming Park House in Ingleby Cross, but we actually arrived at 9:30AM as we were a bit ahead of schedule. No worries – Beverley happily welcomed us & let us drop our packs & we headed off for an exploring wander (even on our ‘days off’ we seem to walk for miles).

The village of Ingleby Cross is not much to shake a stick at, so we had a dilemma: either  (a) get on a bus (we just missed one & needed to wait an hour) or, (b) walk the 2.5 miles to Osmotherley. We chose Plan B…

Osmotherley is a wee sweet village, chocka full of stone cottages, tea room & cafe and 3 pubs! We thought a pub crawl was in order to suss out our lunching destination but once in the Golden Lion, the choice was made.


The Golden Lion – Osmotherley

All of the pubs we ate or stayed at on the Coast to Coast were great in a ‘pub grub’ kind of way, but the Golden Lion was on a whole other plain. It simply got all the core details (food, drinks, atmosphere, music, lighting, service) exceptionally right. The lighting (candles on all the tables & fun fairy lights strung across the bar) created a warm, rosy glow; the music was well chosen old time jazz (Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald) – comforting to listen to & not intrusive or abusive; interesting local brews & tempting drinks list; effectively efficient & polite service; and last but not least, seriously delectable food.


Warm & Cosy


The Bar – With Local Ales & Plethora of Malt Whiskies

We decided to up our lunch game a bit as the menu was too good. For a starter, we opted for the Bresaola, Rocket & Shaved Parmesan salad (£5.95) – exquisite. Hound #2 (Hound #1 – Billie – was indognito under the table but welcome) opted for an all time fave – Duck Confit on Colcannon Mash in a Tarragon Cream Sauce (£15.95). Perfecto combo of flavours and textures & accompanied by wonderful selection of steamed veggies.


Duck Confit – Ducklicious.

And Hound #3 also took direct aim for one of her faves – Chicken (Free Range!) Kiev (£13.95). The dish got 2 big thumbs up & lots of hhhhmmmmmm’s.


Free Range Chook Baby!

All was pleasingly washed down with the aid of some local ales…so if you ever happen to be doing the Coast to Coast or find yourself within striking distance of Osmotherley, do yourself a huge food favour and get thee to the Golden Lion!