Long Time, No Post…

Ahuriri Collage2

Ahuriri RIver, Otago, New Zealand

…and the reason being I was in New Zealand for 3 months fly fishing for the most wily of trouts they have there…we miss our home as the scenery, even for some jaded Kiwis, is still on the magnificent side. And the fly fishing…well lets just say it is a wee notch or three above the UK. Best thing is once you have paid your $126 NZ season’s license fee, the country’s rivers are your oyster. Next to no ownership of water or fishing clubs controlling water rights or your fishing limited to a couple hundred metres of the right bank. Fishing Freedom – with 2 capital F’s.

Photos from 4 Events

Wily New Zealand Trouts

But glad to be back on the UK home front even if the weather still mostly sucks…Spring seems to have sprung a big leak but I am assured that this is nothing compared to the winter I mostly missed.


Stourhead Farm Shop – Sweet.

So with a peep or two of sunlight yesterday, I fired up my trusty Series III Land Rover to re-start my local food tiki tours and first on the “drop in” list was the Stourhead Farm Shop at this lovely National Trust property.

And just like the property itself, the farm shop is equally lovely and stuffed with wonderful array of local culinary goodies. The farm shop is run as a separate business by the Harris & Hoare families. Stephen Harris has won awards for his organic beef and the awesome looking venison comes from the Hoare family’s woodlands which is the part of the Stourhead estate they retained. And the lamb and pork are also locally sourced from Richard Hickman’s Sparkford Farm & Mr. Riggs of Shepton respectively.



Fruit & Veggie Stand


A Deli of Delights

So it was far too hard to resist pulling the wallet out & these were my goodies of choice – go & check it out & choose your own!


Sunday’s Roast



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