The High Pavement Evening Cafe…Yum.


We have tried quite a few of the Frome & surrounds eating out options since arriving here in November 2013 and we have mostly been pleasantly pleased with our experiences, but our highlight has to be, without a doubt, the High Pavement Evening Cafe. So named because: (a) it is located in a elevated footpath above the cool St. Catherine’s Hill shopping area and; (b) it is only open on Friday & Saturday evenings.

HP Interior

The setup is simple & appealing – preset and nicely limited food choices that tend to have a Spanish influence, in a small & intimate setting (does not seat much more than 20) and run by folks who clearly ‘get’ hospitality…almost feels like a seriously fun friends & family outing.


Anchovie Starter & Sherry…

For a starter, Hound #2 opted for one of her tried & true flavour combos – marinated anchovies (on the menu with the Spanish name Boquerones) with a glass of chilled sherry. Fenomenal! (Needs to be pronounced with a Spanish accent!).


Supa Dip

Hound #3’s starter of choice was the unknown Muhummra, which as explained, is a pureed dip made up of roasted red peppers, toasted walnuts, garlic, bread crumbs, cumin seeds & red pepper flakes & Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Fingers were involved at the end to scrape up any residual bits left in the wee bowl…


For our main courses, Hound #2 stuck to the healthy path and thoroughly enjoyed the amply sized Mixed Vegetable Meze while Hound #3 went paleo and hankered after the perfecty Slow Roasted Lamb Caldaretta (‘meat stew’ in Spanish) with Patatas Pobre (“poor man’s potatoes”) & Braised Rainbow Chard.

And once again, all washed down with an extremely quaffable Spanish red ‘Alquezar’ 2012…we were also quite pleased to discover that evening a thirst quenching Spanish cerveza – the Alhambra Special Reserve which, fortunately or unfortunately, is available from Tesco’s.

So if you are a Fromie (local slang), or happen to be coming to Frome for a night out, please book yourselves into the High Pavement Evening Cafe for a ludicrously fun night with food & drink to match.


Mackerel Sky Cafe – Estupendo!


Our food adventures were mainly kept on the cheap side while on our West Country Tiki Tour, with mostly pub or cafe lunches and a few dinners thrown in when we were too tired to sort something out. But walking around Penzance, we stumbled across the Mackerel Sky Cafe on a hidden back lane way and it’s menu was so enticing we decided a splurge was in order.


Though we were impressed by just about everything on the menu, Hound #2 made a bee line for one of here favourite fish (mackerel of course) & selected the Smoked Mackerel Burger. And Hound #3 continued his Cornish theme of looking for dishes with fresh, local crab and that came in the form of Crab Rarebit.


Local Crab Rarebit…

This dish was, as they say in Spain, estupendo! It had the perfect balance of sweet (the crab meat) with the savoury (mature cheddar cheese) on toasted ciabatta and even included a much loved local ale in the recipe – Doom Bar. And the salad was the perfect complement to complete the meal. Yum.


Smoked Mackerel Burger…

And the Smoked Mackerel Burger hit all the high spots too – with the sweet beetroot melding perfectly with the fish. Chips were at the top of their game too and vanished by the meal’s end. Our best meal of the trip by far and all washed down with one of our fave, affordable quaffers – Le Petit Chat Rosé (check out their red & white too at Waitrose & Sainsburys).

So if your happen to find yourself wandering the streets of Penzance, be the “very model of a Modern Major-general” & march yourself into the Mackerel Sky Cafe…you will leave happy.

Rick Stein’s Fish & Chips Joint, Padstow, Cornwall


Rick Stein’s Tres Popular Fish & Chips Shop, Padstow

Whilst on our 10 day West Country Tiki Tour of the north Devon & Cornwall coasts, we decided to have a wee splurge and pop into the heaving fishing village of Padstow to partake of the famous Rick Stein’s Fish & Chip shop. The village of Padstow could easily be renamed “PadStein” as Rick pretty much owns the place with the Fish & Chip Shop, the Fishmonger, a deli, a cafe & patisserie, a gift shop and last but not least, his infamous seafood restaurant. And that’s just what he owns & operates in Padstow proper – phew!


Fresh Fish Store….

To say Rick Stein’s Fish & Chip shop is very busy would be quite an understatement as the folks are queued up & out the doors. I ordered the bog standard order with the chosen fish of Hake (pictured below) and Hound #2 ordered a side order of fried calamari & 2 grilled sea scallops. And we thought the fish & chips were more than just good, but at £20+ for a 2 person serving plus drinks (a Diet Coke @ £1.30! – that’s highway robbery) they may be should have been exceptional. If we ever told our Kiwi mates they would be paying almost $40 NZ for “fush & chups” they quickly utter the words “Crikey, mate”.


The Goods….

Enough whinging, as we had a front row harbour seat, perfecto weather and it all tasted great…


Much Enjoyed Though!