The High Pavement Evening Cafe…Yum.


We have tried quite a few of the Frome & surrounds eating out options since arriving here in November 2013 and we have mostly been pleasantly pleased with our experiences, but our highlight has to be, without a doubt, the High Pavement Evening Cafe. So named because: (a) it is located in a elevated footpath above the cool St. Catherine’s Hill shopping area and; (b) it is only open on Friday & Saturday evenings.

HP Interior

The setup is simple & appealing – preset and nicely limited food choices that tend to have a Spanish influence, in a small & intimate setting (does not seat much more than 20) and run by folks who clearly ‘get’ hospitality…almost feels like a seriously fun friends & family outing.


Anchovie Starter & Sherry…

For a starter, Hound #2 opted for one of her tried & true flavour combos – marinated anchovies (on the menu with the Spanish name Boquerones) with a glass of chilled sherry. Fenomenal! (Needs to be pronounced with a Spanish accent!).


Supa Dip

Hound #3’s starter of choice was the unknown Muhummra, which as explained, is a pureed dip made up of roasted red peppers, toasted walnuts, garlic, bread crumbs, cumin seeds & red pepper flakes & Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Fingers were involved at the end to scrape up any residual bits left in the wee bowl…


For our main courses, Hound #2 stuck to the healthy path and thoroughly enjoyed the amply sized Mixed Vegetable Meze while Hound #3 went paleo and hankered after the perfecty Slow Roasted Lamb Caldaretta (‘meat stew’ in Spanish) with Patatas Pobre (“poor man’s potatoes”) & Braised Rainbow Chard.

And once again, all washed down with an extremely quaffable Spanish red ‘Alquezar’ 2012…we were also quite pleased to discover that evening a thirst quenching Spanish cerveza – the Alhambra Special Reserve which, fortunately or unfortunately, is available from Tesco’s.

So if you are a Fromie (local slang), or happen to be coming to Frome for a night out, please book yourselves into the High Pavement Evening Cafe for a ludicrously fun night with food & drink to match.



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