The Food Assembly Launches in Frome!


Yippee! The Food Assembly has made it to Frome! And many thanks to Pia McGee for taking on such a daunting task to hook us local Fromians up with our local suppliers to provide us with a regular plethora of superb produce & products. Begun in France almost 3 years ago, it has now grown over 600 assemblies across France & Belgium and now the UK.

In Pia’s own words…“Supermarket shopping isolates people buying food from those producing it. It’s time to ‘shake the hand that feeds you’, as Michael Pollan says. We love our farmers’ market, but if shopping local is to be part of our regular shop, we need ever more opportunities to do so, every week, and out-of-hours.”


Frome Food Assembly Opening Night

The Frome Food Assembly is a weekly event – orders must be placed no later than late Monday evening prior to the weekly pickup (Wednesday from 5:30PM to 7:30PM but see holiday schedule below) at the Cheese & Grain where all the producers are on hand to deliver the goods or answer any questions or just to chat.The Frome Times did a sweet profile here….


The Olde Bakehouse, The Wiltshire Smokehouse & Faye’s Farm Goods

Some of the local folks you will find @ the Food Assembly include:

* The Wiltshire Smokehouse…sampled their smoked salmon pate my first order & will re-order.

* Ivy House Farm…delicious dairy good for milk, butter, etc…

* Faye’s Farm…snapped up some beautiful bacon and broths.

* Baltonborough Farmshop…picked up some beef mince that made a stunning bolognese sauce.

* Vallis Veg…right on our doorstep.

So come on folks – get with the trend of doing it local….


Anyone for a Sausage Roll?


Ivy House Farm – Awesome Dairy…

Frome Food Assembly Holiday Schedule