Mariscos Mania – Hondarribia


Las Gambas

We are muy suerte (very lucky) here in Hondarribia food-wise. We have at least 4 awesome fishmongers in a town of maybe 25,000 folks and being smack dab on the coast we get the good, fresh shite (much of it line caught). But besides the cornucopia of piscine choices, we are also blessed with a tienda de mariscos – seafood store – called Kresala Mariscos which carries a wealth of just caught crustaceans for your cooking & eating pleasure.


We had a hankering for a simple clam & linguine dish so it is here that we headed and were by no means let down. Clams aplenty and much, much more….


The crab looked stunning and was noted for a return visit…



The woman owner’s padre makes these seafood salads at home (casera in Espanol) and she was most generous to send us home with a free sample along with our bivalve purchase – muchas gracias mi amiga. The clams were estupendo!

2 thoughts on “Mariscos Mania – Hondarribia

    • Yes, we are mos def lucky. Besides the fish folks, we have a local farmers market every Wed & Sat with seriously local folks. And at the same time, just a 5 minute ferry ride away in Hendaye, France, we have the French version which is sweet – lots of duck & charcuterie & oysters & cheese & bread & baked goods…odd here in Spain, they do not do fresh herbs except for parsley which they give away @ the stalls like it’s a weed…Have to go to France to get my herbs – tough ;-).

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