It’s A Cider Fest!

HRCFSign2And the tsunami fest continues here in the wee seaside pueblo of Hondarribia…no sooner had we gotten our breath back from the Blues Festival, we saw the above poster plastered all about town. It’s 100% in Basque but we could decipher the important stuff like (a) it was a cider thingy, and (b) it was going to be right outside our flat on Gipuzkoa Plaza.

HRCFSignAnd what a deal – 5€ got you a cider glass & a pintxoa and all the cider you could imbibe by 10pm (started at 6pm or for the early drinkers like 5:30) or until they ran out.


The Cider Crowd from our Flat

We managed to make it to almost 8pm before a serious cider buzz was starting to kick in, so we retreated to our flat for a breather before doing our usual Saturday evening pintxo stroll down Calle San Pedro.


Alex & Billie Show How It’s Done….

We are not at all sure who or how it was organised but we did recognise several of our new friends manning the pintxoa table. We met them at a local Basque Social Club (bar) which is a 1 minute walk from our flat when we locked ourselves out & they loaned us a ladder to climb in the first floor window….new mates.



The Basque Social Club’s Sign…

And if you want to see how a real ‘local’ (as in I live on this square) does it….here ya go.



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