Mercado de los Granjeros – Hondarribia Locales…

HRFMSign When we were living in New Zealand and Australia we thought we were lucky to have a farmers market once a month (Lyttelton does it EVERY WEEK – you go guys!). Here in our new adopted home of Hondarribia, España we are blessed with a truly local farmers market twice a week – Wednesdays & Saturdays. HRFMCollage And you can tell this is the real deal — no folks making an early run to the fruit & veg wholesale markets & on selling it here. This produce comes from the dirt in the hills surrounding the town & what is for sale is only what is in season. HRFMVeg2 And for a relatively small market you can see that they have worked hard to present themselves and their produce quite well. Each stall has a well designed sign informing you of the grower and where they are from. The produce is all bundled and beautifully arranged and the vendors more than friendly. Though one older woman insists you buy a kilo of beans and no less – 😉 – that is a good salesperson. HRFMVeg We are indulging in all the bounty that summer offers – lettuces in all shapes & sizes, tomates del pais (country tomatoes), courgettes at a sweet size, potatoes in multiple varieties and beans, beans, beans!!! HRFMVeg3   And one added bonus – a baker who mos def knows his stuff. The bread comes very close, and I mean very close, to equaling the French which is definitely high praise.


4 thoughts on “Mercado de los Granjeros – Hondarribia Locales…

    • Well, damn Bub…you folks do pretty well in your neck of the woods…if you ever head San Diego way you need to make a pit stop at Chino Farms…one of the original suppliers to Chez Panisse…

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