Another Menú del Día @ Batzokia, Hondarribia…


During my numerous Billie walks we would pass this taverna and it was always packed, so following one of Hound #2’s Dad Theories (if its packed, it must be good) we dropped in on a Thursday lunch hour for the €11 menu del dia…and Dad’s Theory was spot on.

The name of the place is Batzokia Jatetxea where the second word in the name means it is traditional Basque food. As mentioned above, the menu during week days is €11 but somehow mysteriously jumps to €20 on Saturday & Sunday with the only item changed on the menu being the price ;-).

BATZMenuWe both ended up choosing muy rico sopas – for me an artichoke based, almost stew like bowl of delicious flavours and Hound #2, once again a bit health conscious, devoured the Arroz Marinero which was about as close to a chowder as you could get in this part of the world.


Artichoke Sopa and Arroz Marinero

And once again a Y in the road appeared on our mains, with Hound #2 having no hesitation (I did) for Fried Anchovies – she liked them despite the bones. I veered off onto the Bistec Con Patatas path and had no regrets…nor did Billie.


Fried Anchovies…


Bistec con Patatas y Pimiento

All effectively washed down the the super chilled house rosado…it being a weekday we did not finish the bottle.


Cake & Custard…

Then it was on to the postre (dessert) and the only word both of us heard and understood was ‘pastel’ (cake) so that is what we had…sweet, moist almost spongy cake with a custardy cream sauce – perfecto….

And our timing could not have been better because shortly after we sat down & our first orders arrived, the tour bus crowd was deposited at the taverna’s terrace and queued up for a feed…kitchen implosion about to happen.


The Coach Crowd Arrives…



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