Casa Cámara – Lunch Fenomenal!



We went on a bit of an explore a couple of weeks ago to a small fishing village called Pasajes de San Juan (and the sister village of San Pedro) which is just outside of San Sebastían. It had been recommended to us by a nice Spanish hombre we’d met at a menú del día lunch @ Cantina de Guadalupe and subsequent research made it a must go.


Great Harbour View

While strolling the one street of San Juan we came across Casa Cámara & stuck our heads into a wonderful, old style dining room looking out on the harbour. It was busy as with mucha gente devouring scrumptious plates of food. We grabbed a card & made the decision to bring Hound #2’s Mum here on her week long visit.


Serious Family Owned/Run Place – Since 1884

Casa Cámara has been around a wee while – since 1884 when it was family owned & run as it still is today. We were the first to arrive (damn English habits) and scored a spectacular table with a fenomenal view of the port – excellente!


Awesome Harbour Views….

Casa Cámara does not do a menú del día (though they do offer group menus) so it was ordering a la carte – pretty much our first time doing that! Everyone seemed to lean towards the healthy path and making the most of what the Basque Country does so well – seafood.


Ensalada Temporada

My primero plato was a Ensalada Temporada de Pimientos, Endivias & Ventresca de Bonito (Warm Salad with Peppers, Endive & Belly of the Tuna). A fantastic mix of flavours and textures that went down well & was delicious mopping up the residual dressing with the crisp bread.



Hound #2 went with a regional favourite – Pulpo (Octopus). Not really seen too much in the States or New Zealand / Australia in our memory but here it is everywhere (salads, entrees, mains, pintxos) and it is so good.


Ensalada Mixta – Old Fave

Hound #2’s Mum stuck with a tried & true favourite of the week – Ensalada Mixta (Mixed Salad). The ingredients for this salad generally remain the same across many venues but gets put together in a multitude of ways. This was a perfecto example.


Grilled Turbot

Mum likes her Rodaballo (Turbot) so Rodaballo it was – grilled with a side of verduras (veggies). We heard lots of ‘yums’…


Dish of the Day – Txipirones (Squid)

Hound #2 went with one of her perennial favourites for her main – Txipirones a la Plancha (Grilled Squid). By general and unanimous consensus, it was nominated as the plate of the day – super tender squid (I had a couple of bites to verify the vote), grilled to perfection with a mountain of finely grated, fried vegetable mixta as an added bonus.


Almejas – Muchas Yummy

Para mi, I chose the dish I do not cook enough – Almejas (clams – easy as to cook but very expensive to buy in España). These were estupendo – cooked in a buttery vino, herb flavoured broth that made for an early dessert with lots of bread mopping going on.


Rosado Muy Rico – Perfecto!

We washed all this delicious comidas down with a refreshing & enjoyable rosado from Marqués de Riscal. A cut above many of the rosados we’ve had recently, with a nice salmon colour (vs. the strawberry red) and a bit more heft & weight on the palate minus the usual sweetness.


Tarta de Manzana…

I opted out of the dessert choices but the other two were keen. Mum went straight for the Tarta de Manzana (Apple Tart) and I state that none was left on the plate (the piece on the fork in the photo is my bite).


Chocolate Mousse – Made to Share

And ever so predictably, Hound #2, as though her fate, chose the Mousse de Chocolate…again, none was left.

It was agreed by all that Casa Cámara was an excellent choice and muchas gracias to Mum for the shout…you can come for a visit any time!

4 thoughts on “Casa Cámara – Lunch Fenomenal!

  1. I just returned from a trip to Northern Spain and your post took me back there! I can’t recommend the food there highly enough, particularly the seafood. My personal favourites are pulpo and almejas, which I rarely cook back home, but I’m also a big fan of pintxos in the Basque country.

    • Glad you liked it – and I too love the food & life style here. We were living in Somerset (Frome) until June of this year when we up & moved to Hondarribia where we will be for a year or so. Love the every evening pintxo stroll down the high street San Pedro – do not see things like that in the UK. The whole community out for a wee bit of socialising, drinking & eating…even the kids till late! And yes, you cannot beat the seafood here – abundance is an understatement. We just got back from a trip to the Pirineos (I fly fish) and found the food a bit sad or just not Basque Country comidas!

      • That’s interesting, because I live in Frome! Apart from the High Pavement and Lungi Baba at Loop de Loo I find the food scene here a bit disappointing but we try to liven it up every summer for the Frome Festival by running a pop-up tapas bar at the Silk Mill! It’s completely child-friendly and parents can hang out until late with their kids.

      • What a frigging small world…and yes, tend to agree on the food front. My partner is British & we moved back to the UK from Melbourne in late 2012 for some family time. Spent the first year in Seaton, Devon which was even more of a dog food wise than Frome (or hell compared to Melbourne). We frequented High Pavement – they are sweet folks. And if we wanted better comidas, we had to travel to some of the surrounding villages. The Talbot in Mells (also the same folks run the Beckford Arms is pretty good – we really liked the Fox & Badger in Wellow ( – surprisingly good food for a pub & reasonable. I found it hard to get involved in many local Frome food things – about 6 months before we moved the Food Assembly with Pia was starting up & I helped out a little but supported them by buying each week.

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