Hondarribia Regatta – We Won!


It can be difficult sometimes living in the Basque Country to always know what is going on as many, if not most event posters are all in Basque. We can generally figure out the potential date, sometimes the time and place but many times we can figure out nada. But the Hondarribia Regatta race is not hard to miss as the WHOLE TOWN goes nuts & gets decked out in the team colours wearing t-shirts, polo shirts, neckerchiefs and hats.


Team Leader Billie…Back of da Bike

The race starts just off the Hondarribia beach & then heads out to sea & out of sight – this, like most sporting events, is best viewed in a pub or bar on a wide screen HD television. But we thought it an event worth being part of, so we rigged up a bike box for Hound #1 & set off for the starting line.


Grill Master

Mucho crowds of people were out to support the team & many, many more shouting encouragement from their balconies. We wandered into the festival feeding area (as you do) and were just stunned at the food on offer. A Grill Master was in full charge of his hotter than hot bed of burning coals & grilling fresh tuna in all of its forms. Hondarribia is a decent sized fishing port and the fish on offer is estupendo and super fresca.


Hot As…

We snatched 2 cañas of cold, cold San Miguel and made a bee line for the pintxo people and we were again stunned, for a single € we were handed a fist sized piece of perfectly grilled tuna steak! We wish they had these regatta races every week so we could eat like kings for paupers’s prices….


What A Pinto for €1!

And Hound #1 was 100% in the team spirit with his newly purchased Hondarribia Team Neckerchief. And WE WON!


Head Cheerleader Billie!


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