Pintxos – As They Happen…


I had seen the poster in the photo above all over Hondarribia but, as usual, it is 100% in Basque. I could decipher it was going to happen this coming Saturday (September 26th), and started at 11AM but beyond that it was all Basque to me. It coincided with our Saturday Farmers Market so it was a no brainer to wander on down with Hound #1 and have a squizzy.

While purchasing some fresh veggies I queried the stall holder ‘¿Qué pasa aquí?’ and he informed me that 2 chefs from local restaurants were going to be doing a pintxo making demo & the results would be free to eat! Yippee….


The 2 chefs came from these two establishments – the one above, Danontzat, is in our hood in the Casco Antiguo & is quite stylish & hip. And the one below, Bar Sardara, is smack dab on the main drag (Calle San Pedro) & directly opposite the Farmers Market.


The 2 chefs explained each step as they assembled the pintxos, emphasising they were ‘pintxos con products locales y ecologico y temporada’ (pintxos made with local, ecological & seasonal products) – using ingredients from the Farmers Market. Yes!


Pintxos As It Happens…Bacalao, Salt Cod & Pimientos.

Once a decent number were assembled, the chefs would whisk them away to various farm stalls for the crowd to partake…you had to be fast! I was lucky – the woman in front of me scooped the last two from the platter but when she turned to give it to her son, he turned his nose up. Viola! My hand was quickly extended & she graciously plopped it in my palm. Yum…


Salt Cod, Pintxo Flag & Folks Chomping Down.


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