Autumn Grayling Hunting in Devon, UK


Home Sweet Home In Search of Autumn Grayling

I had to bring my 1975 Land Rover (Gertie) back to the UK for an MOT – Spanish options looked like the proverbial massive can of worms. So to make it a more pleasurable trip (and weather permitting & it did wonderfully), I set myself up for some autumn fly fishing. Base camp for the duration was the Castle Inn in Lydford – sweet wee place that is perfectly located for many West Country Angling Passport rivers as well as Dartmoor National Park.


Promotion by Selfie

The West Country Angling Passport scheme is awesome – if you do not know about or have not used it please give it a try. The scheme makes loads of UK rivers available to fish at a very affordable price – use or lose it as they say. It needs your support – get going folks!


Beautiful Waters…River Lyd, Devon

My first day on the water was on one of my faves – the wonderful River Lyd in Sydenham. Flowing though an amazing Elizabethan estate, the river is chocka with fishable varieties of fish – brown trout, grayling, sea trout and even the odd salmon. I hooked & landed 17 brownies and I saw 3 massive sea trout feeding side by side. One leapt clear out of the water to snatch a floating caddis fly and was an easy 6-7 pounds and beautifully coloured,


River Lyd Brownies…

My second day put me on the River Tamar on the Netherbridge Court beat. I have fished this several times before and it is minutes away from the Ham Mill, Netherbridge and Druxton beats. All are a great day of fishing….


River Tamar – Netherbridge Court Beat

While getting my Land Rover MOT’d I timed it perfectly with the Frome Farmers Market and picked up some tasty Somerset salami and rich Glastonbury hard goats cheese. A fly fisherman has to eat and this hit the nail on the head.


Fly Fisherman’s Lunch Supreme

Though I was mostly in search of grayling, my first day was 100% brown trout…second day put me back on track and brought this wee beauty to the net. It is an autumn fish with colours to match.


River Tamar Grayling – Sweet

My 3rd and final fish was again on the River Tamar but on the Druxton Beat. I have also fished this before and it has some sweet water but a good chunk of it is dead slow pools. Not my cup of tea…that said, it was good for 8 solid fish – 3 grayling with one to 12″ and 5 brownies. A good day had by all…


River Tamar, Druxton Beat & Grayling to the Net.

Harvest Time!


Hound #1 & #2 in the vineyard with Jaizkibel Ranges; The Hondarrabi Zuri Grape on the Vine

My good friend Iñaki put the call out for some needed helping hands this past Saturday as he has managed to score 6 rows of vines in a sweet wee vineyard just outside of Hondarribia. And a very nice location it is – surrounding the awesome restaurante Bekoerrota! They had a full house that day and we could see why…


Tank Prep…

We arrived promptly at noon to find Iñaki and Martxel hard at work cleaning a fermentation tank in preparation for the grape harvest. But first – lunch!



We joined Iñaki’s mate Kike on the restaurant’s outside veranda to share the kitchen staff’s lunch before the hard slog of grape harvesting – I like this style of work! And Hound #1 loved our lunch of pork kebabs…


Hard Labour in the Vines – Kike, Martxel, Iñaki, Alex & Billie

Post a delicious lunch, the picking crew got to work and slowly worked our way up and down each row…once a row was completed, a bit of a break was declared & we headed straight for the cider barrel as they make an excellent beverage here. And what a small world as we all were surprised to discover that the cider the Hounds loved the most at the Hondarribia Cider Fest was theirs! We now have 2 bottles in the fridge….


Basque Rural Sports

And what would a beautiful Saturday afternoon be like if it did not have some Basque rural sports demos! Between picking rows, we dropped by for a squizzy and were fascinated with the heavy weight hoisting and especially the ax man’s skills. He chops his way up the tree trunk & then proceeds to hack the top into two bits…do not try this at home folks!