Harvest Time!


Hound #1 & #2 in the vineyard with Jaizkibel Ranges; The Hondarrabi Zuri Grape on the Vine

My good friend Iñaki put the call out for some needed helping hands this past Saturday as he has managed to score 6 rows of vines in a sweet wee vineyard just outside of Hondarribia. And a very nice location it is – surrounding the awesome restaurante Bekoerrota! They had a full house that day and we could see why…


Tank Prep…

We arrived promptly at noon to find Iñaki and Martxel hard at work cleaning a fermentation tank in preparation for the grape harvest. But first – lunch!



We joined Iñaki’s mate Kike on the restaurant’s outside veranda to share the kitchen staff’s lunch before the hard slog of grape harvesting – I like this style of work! And Hound #1 loved our lunch of pork kebabs…


Hard Labour in the Vines – Kike, Martxel, Iñaki, Alex & Billie

Post a delicious lunch, the picking crew got to work and slowly worked our way up and down each row…once a row was completed, a bit of a break was declared & we headed straight for the cider barrel as they make an excellent beverage here. And what a small world as we all were surprised to discover that the cider the Hounds loved the most at the Hondarribia Cider Fest was theirs! We now have 2 bottles in the fridge….


Basque Rural Sports

And what would a beautiful Saturday afternoon be like if it did not have some Basque rural sports demos! Between picking rows, we dropped by for a squizzy and were fascinated with the heavy weight hoisting and especially the ax man’s skills. He chops his way up the tree trunk & then proceeds to hack the top into two bits…do not try this at home folks!


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