Santo Tomas Fiesta…Or Day of the Pig


Santo Tomas – All Basque To Us….But Day of the Pig.

As I have written before, it is quite amusing living in the Basque country of Spain as many if not most things are in Basque. So it takes a wee bit of detective work to sort out if there is something going on that we might just be interested in…take for example this poster that appeared on our newsagent’s door. Our newsagent is a funny man & when asked what was going on, he shrugged his shoulders & simply replied ‘It is the day of the pig’…nuff said, we’re going.

We’d sorted out it was kicking off on December 21st with ‘things’ happening at 9AM, 1PM, 4:30 & 6:30PM – but what, who knew? So as 1PM rolled round, we departed our flat to see what we could see.


Estupendo Day – Crowds Are Out!

Whoa! Our High Street Calle San Pedro was packed to the rafters with stalls selling all forms of charcuterie, cheeses, pastries & cakes & breads, fruit & veg and a food court area offering up fresh steamed pulpo & the sausage of the day – txistorrra. We managed to squeeze through the crowds to arrive at the txistorra & cider counter & ordered up plate & a glass…made for an excellent mini-lunch. And we were most surprised & excited to find out that all the San Pedro bars plated up free txistorras with every drink order – perfecto! But our finest version of the day came at our local bar where mate Idoia cooks them in cider – best of the bunch.


Snails, Pulpo & Veggies….

And blessed with yet another gorgeous no-end-to-summer day, the punters were out in force making last minute holiday purchases for the fast approaching Feliz Navidad. And since our plan for the Big Day was a hike & picnic in the Jaizkibel mountains (blog post coming up), supplies needed to be procured! We picked up some stunning blue cheese (from Asturia but not seen that often in these parts) and some delicious (and quite expensive) cecina de buey (oxen). Cecina is the Spanish version of bresaola, an air-dried & salted beef but this came from an oxen. Superb! Melt in your mouth tender & packed with flavour.


Star of the Day – Txistorra sausage & Cider…

Love this bit about Spain – seems every other day of the week some type of festival be going on with food & drink at the heart of it…my kind of place.


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