Christmas Day in the Jaizkibel Mountains


Christmas Day Hike in the Jaizkibel Mountains

The dawn of Christmas Day brought us yet another example of our endless summer with sun shining down from radiant blue skies and temps at t-shirt levels. With the weather forecast proving itself reasonably accurate (very dubious chances here on the Atlantic Coast in Basque Country), we set about implementing our day’s plan – a hike in the Jaizkibel Mountains topped off with a picnic.



Hound #2, upon our arrival in Hondarribia in June, promptly purchased a set of walking trail maps…in Spanish. And we have been slowly exploring some of the walks, getting some things initially wrong, but eventually sorting through some of the various vagaries and idiosyncrasies so that we felt 100% confident our our Christmas Day plan. We picked one of the longer walks (10+km) but it looked easy peezy as it followed the horizontal ridge contour lines,  thus minimising the dreaded multiple steep ups & downs.


Perfect Picnic, Perfect Day

Our delectable picnic nibbles were mostly procured from the Santo Tomas Festival (the Day of the Pig) where we nabbed some extremely tender & flavourful cecina de buey, some sharp & pungent blue cheese and 2 massive jars of cornichons, pickled onions & olives, bread…and of course a beverage – some brut cava washed it all down wonderfully.

Long may the endless summer last….


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