About the Foodhounds

Duncan, Alex and Billie met in New Zealand in 2004. They all enjoy the outdoor life: swimming and surfing (Alex), fly-fishing (Duncan) and sniffing, pissing and general running around (mostly Billie). They also share a love of good food and Alex helped Duncan and Project Lyttelton set up the Lyttelton Farmers Market in 2005 (it is still a great success and happens every Saturday).

In 2008, Alex moved to Melbourne and Duncan and Billie joined her once Duncan had sold his restaurant/wine bar, London Street (now no longer there, like much of the earthquake-shattered main street of Lyttelton).

Melbourne was their cultural sabbatical and 4 years barely scratched the surface of the food and drink scene, but Alex was chronically homesick and fancied some time back in the UK, where she grew up in the West Country (Duncan is from Sewickley, Pennsylvannia). So they packed up sticks and moved to……Seaton.

It’s very quiet in Seaton. So we moved to Frome, Somerset.

Frome was fun – good town & we met some sweet people. But then it was time for España…particularly Basque Country or País Vasco where we lived in the awesome town of Hondarribia for 2 years! Echamos de menos Hondarribia y nuestro amigos…

And now we are all back in New Zealand…in our port side town of Lyttelton.


Duncan, Alex and Billie All At Seaton

5 thoughts on “About the Foodhounds

  1. Just stumbled on your blog. Its just what Iwas looking for…athoigh I didn’t know that’s what I was looking for. My husband and I will spend the month of June in Hondarribia. I expect we’ll mostly eat and cook and drink and follow your suggestiins. But I would also like to study Spanish. Can you recommend a teacher there? Thannks!

    • Hi Cynthia — I am glad it was of some use…I wrote it mainly as a way of keeping a detailed digital chronicle of our time in the UK & Spain as I was afraid it would just become a blur. I did have a good Spanish teacher (and friend) named Gloria & will contact her about lessons but I know she is quite busy & I was lucky to get a weekly session or two. There is a regular intercambio session (1 hour in Spanish, 1 hour in Enlgish) every Thursday @ 6:30pm @ Hotel Obispo in the old town which you might find helpful or interesting and possibly ask about a Spanish teacher. I learned initially by studying a good grammar book & listening to Notes In Spanish podcasts & ended up buying the transcripts as I find it quite helpful to be able to read the words while I am listening. We also used Coffee Break Spanish in the early stages of learning as well as News In Slow Spanish. And you might want to have a look and/or purchase my partner’s book A Basque Diary: Living in Hondarribia https://www.amazon.com/Basque-Diary-Living-Hondarribia-ebook/dp/B0716PB418 which gives you a lot of info / tips. And feel free to fire away with any more questions as I am happy to help if I can…my direct email is duncan@troutbum.org

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