Rick Stein’s Fish & Chips Joint, Padstow, Cornwall


Rick Stein’s Tres Popular Fish & Chips Shop, Padstow

Whilst on our 10 day West Country Tiki Tour of the north Devon & Cornwall coasts, we decided to have a wee splurge and pop into the heaving fishing village of Padstow to partake of the famous Rick Stein’s Fish & Chip shop. The village of Padstow could easily be renamed “PadStein” as Rick pretty much owns the place with the Fish & Chip Shop, the Fishmonger, a deli, a cafe & patisserie, a gift shop and last but not least, his infamous seafood restaurant. And that’s just what he owns & operates in Padstow proper – phew!


Fresh Fish Store….

To say Rick Stein’s Fish & Chip shop is very busy would be quite an understatement as the folks are queued up & out the doors. I ordered the bog standard order with the chosen fish of Hake (pictured below) and Hound #2 ordered a side order of fried calamari & 2 grilled sea scallops. And we thought the fish & chips were more than just good, but at £20+ for a 2 person serving plus drinks (a Diet Coke @ £1.30! – that’s highway robbery) they may be should have been exceptional. If we ever told our Kiwi mates they would be paying almost $40 NZ for “fush & chups” they quickly utter the words “Crikey, mate”.


The Goods….

Enough whinging, as we had a front row harbour seat, perfecto weather and it all tasted great…


Much Enjoyed Though!