Riverside Market Opens – Wow!!!

Christchurch’s New Riverside Market…

The latest addition to the constantly emerging & dynamically changing Christchurch CBD scene is the Riverside Market…and wow, what an addition! Mr. Peebles & his team have pulled out all the stops & not spared a dime or an insightful thought with this stunning creation. As reported in the Press / Stuff, the first week has seen a tsunami of folks coming in for a look & hopefully a shop. The fit out is tastefully done with a wide range of excellent character features (e.g., the timber beams, old clock, lighting) – it is a building all Cantabrians should be proud of (like our new library).

Riverside Markert Top Side View….

I have always dreamed of starting a food hall as it combines the best of both worlds for – a convenient one stop shop (like the supermarket) but with independent, quality producers (not like the supermarket). Very few folks these days have the luxury of time or the desire to run around town to all the far corners of the city to round up their food supplies. And the Riverside Market pretty much nails it out of the gate…

Top Notch Butchery – Butcher’s Mistress

The folks who appear to really be hitting their stride are all the food service joints, which at lunchtime had throngs of people queued up out the door…with some decently sized corporate offices in combination with the government sector (Justice & Emergency Services Precinct, the Police HQ and City Council) the lunch time demands should remain healthy for some time.

Little Fish Fishmonger and Fish & Chips

But I have my fingers crossed for the real food folks – I think they may have a few more hurdles to get over to make it hum like the food court guys. There are several challenges here:

(1) how many CBD folks are going to actually shop for veggies, fish, meat, etc & take them back to the office?

(2) it is an in between time of year for the veggie guys so stalls like Cultivate are a wee bit sparse on their offerings.

(3) Although one of the veggie stands was pretty fully stocked, I am not sure where all that produce came from – not a very ‘locally grown’ display or offering.

(4) Pricing – I am all for supporting locally grown vegetables but the yams were $20 a kg while I can buy them @ my Lyttelton Farmers Market for $10.


So if you have not been, please go & support this stupendous effort & keep it humming along for years to come…and take a posse of friends too & spread the wealth ;-)….

Bread & Cheese – Bohemian Bakery & Charing Cross Cheesery

An Old Favourite – Mediteranean Foods – Estupendo!

Cured – Tasty Venison Charcuterie

Mucho Places to Grab a Bite….

Top Left: Chicken Rotisserie, El Quincho – Argentine BBQ, Shaka Brothers, Riverside Kitchen


Rick Stein’s Fish & Chips Joint, Padstow, Cornwall


Rick Stein’s Tres Popular Fish & Chips Shop, Padstow

Whilst on our 10 day West Country Tiki Tour of the north Devon & Cornwall coasts, we decided to have a wee splurge and pop into the heaving fishing village of Padstow to partake of the famous Rick Stein’s Fish & Chip shop. The village of Padstow could easily be renamed “PadStein” as Rick pretty much owns the place with the Fish & Chip Shop, the Fishmonger, a deli, a cafe & patisserie, a gift shop and last but not least, his infamous seafood restaurant. And that’s just what he owns & operates in Padstow proper – phew!


Fresh Fish Store….

To say Rick Stein’s Fish & Chip shop is very busy would be quite an understatement as the folks are queued up & out the doors. I ordered the bog standard order with the chosen fish of Hake (pictured below) and Hound #2 ordered a side order of fried calamari & 2 grilled sea scallops. And we thought the fish & chips were more than just good, but at £20+ for a 2 person serving plus drinks (a Diet Coke @ £1.30! – that’s highway robbery) they may be should have been exceptional. If we ever told our Kiwi mates they would be paying almost $40 NZ for “fush & chups” they quickly utter the words “Crikey, mate”.


The Goods….

Enough whinging, as we had a front row harbour seat, perfecto weather and it all tasted great…


Much Enjoyed Though!