Skiathos Island…Greece

SKBeach The most miserable and far, far too long English winter drove us to sunnier climes – the sweet island of Skiathos, Greece. And a welcome change it was with temperatures in the mid to high 20’s, gentle breezes and the tiniest smattering of rain. We were most impressed with our place of accommodation, Skiathos Holidays, where the staff were top notch and the rooms of stunningly high quality. The beach was just a few minutes walk and the breakfast of REAL Greek yoghurt & nuts & flakes, fresh OJ, hard boiled eggs, assorted breads & coffee was the right way to start each day. SKMesostratos Our man Christos, from Skiathos Holidays, was a wealth of advice & local pointers for everything from where to eat to what activities to pursue. One of our favourite tavernas he recommended was the family owned & run Mesostrato. It was clearly evident that everything we ordered was cooked or made fresh. Hound #2’s eyes were apparently bigger than her stomach, but even with a cautionary warning from Hound #3 that she may have ordered too much, she went ahead anyway.  It was all spectacular, just a tad more food than your average person can eat ;-).


Hound #2’s Lunch – enough to feed a small family….

I erred on the conservative side & just had the moussaka – most excellent it was too… SKMoussaka We decided we liked Mesostrato so much we made a return visit & I had to try the meatballs in tomato sauce. Exceptionally well seasoned & basically yummy – Hound #2 agreed that I had won the lunch order contest. The Mythos lager beers went down a treat too & the house rose was very quaffable. SKMeatballs We also took a round-the-island boat trip on the Poseidon which gave us a great view of various parts of the island (we decided not to do the Mama Mia trip to Skopelos Island).


Bog standard Greek scenery

And for our final farewell evening meal, we ambled in to Marmita where we had sipped an afternoon beverage a few days before & liked the vibe & the menu. And we were spot on with our impressions…. SKMarmita The owner is a top notch hospitality professional & owns 3 restaurants on Skiathos. And, amazingly, it was just him & one other server that served the capacity crowd. We had an informative chat about their very well selected & priced wine list & we opted for a Greek Syrah not listed for a mere 15 euros. We were very taken with this wine and many of the other Greek wines we sampled on our trip – who knew? Greece makes some good vino…. SKSyrah Hound #3 could not tear his eyes away from the slow roasted pork shoulder marinated in honey, thyme & lemon on the menu. And those flavours shined through this super tender cut – veggies were a winner too.


Scrumptious Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder

And Hound #2 jumped on the same cut of meat & cooking method but from a Greek lamb but she felt the pork took the prize. SKLambDish And as seems to be custom in Greece, you need not order a dessert as many places close the meal with a free one. This was wonderful, local Greek yoghurt seasoned with chopped fresh mint & strawberries for dipping & shots of ouzo to cleanse the palate. Marmita is highly recommended. SKStrawberries Much of the produce used by the tavernas & restaurants is locally grown & it shows. As we left Marmita we saw this cart stuffed to the gills with freshly picked garlic… SKGarlic