Opilla…¿Qué es?


Undecipherable Posters…

These mysterious posters started to make an appearance around Hondarribia in the last week or so. Once again, mostly in Basque, so of little help to the Hounds to try & figure out if some big, fun festival or event was close to happening. We could determine that a fancy cake called an ‘Opilla‘ (at €27 must be super fancy) was involved, that came decorated with real & chocolate eggs. Easter linkage of some kind? Another religious connection? Simple secular party? Pagan ritual?

We started to ask questions…we first queried our mates at cafe Amona Margarita who are usually good for pertinent advice or insight. Nada…no real meaning at all they said – simply a special cake made just in the local Hondarribia/Irun/San Sebastián region and folks pick one up (or two) & take the family & friends out to el campo (the countryside), loaded down with beverages of the alcoholic kind & party hearty.


Marvellous Mirren Does Her Magic with the Mystery Cake…at Amona Margarita.

Apparently many of the local schools are none too pleased about the Opilla day as it causes a minor/major disruption in the school day & week…there seems to be an effort to squash the whole kit & kebob. Party poopers. Happy Opilla Day to you folks!


Opal Cake Production Line & the Real Goods on Display & for Sale.