El Carnaval 2016…Who Knew?


Par for the course here in Basque Country…this poster started to make an appearance all over Hondarribia a few weeks ago. And as usual, no date or time or place or info on what the hell is happening. Just the words ‘INAUTERIAK’ and ‘2016’ and a funny looking man. When we asked our mates at our local cafe, Amona Margarita, they said “It is the carnival, of course…big event with parades, music, floats…this Sunday.’


The Folks Begin to Gather…Billie None Too Plussed…

It was looking like a particularly ugly day weather-wise with very cool temps and a high probability of some form of precipitation…not parade weather by a long shot. So we bundled up & headed for the guessed at starting point for the parade – Alameda Plaza. It was supposed to kick off at 10:30AM but hey, this is Spain so more like a bit after 11. It finally kicked off at 11 but moved at a snail’s pace with frequent stops & starts. We saw a couple participants with hip flasks – smart folks as they most def needed it!


Spanish Inquisition (Nice), Batmobile and Western Saloon Boys

Loved the Spanish Inquisition float…the two dudes at either end would crank the winches & the arms & legs would stretch while the head bobbed up & down & let out a series of blood curdling screams. At least they have a sense of humour….


Lots of Dancing (and Freezing) Folks….

And we had it all here folks – dancing surfers, rocking bikkies and ancient flappers (both men & women)…We ran into the flapper group much later that night in Hotel Obispo’s bar and to say they were a wee bit happy would be an understatement. One of the ‘women’ (big burly Basque hombre) dragged Hound #2 out on the dance floor to a Queen medley & when he returned her to the bar, made eyes at me. Funny mate…


Curious Bill Wants A Look…


Fanciest Float Of All…And VERY WELL Choreographed.

Here’s a wee clip of the Army folks tap’n their toes…

And the Bikie Folks are pretty cool too…



We Are The Champions! We Are The Champions!


The Crowds Gather @ the Town Hall…

We have been to one of the Hondarribia Regatta events & had an awesome time but this week, apparently if I understood the Spanish, it was for the championship being raced out of Bilbao. The town was alive with folks decked out in the team green colours (Shirts, neckerchiefs, flags, hats) and as the time for the race to start fell near, the crowds gathered at the town hall.


Awaiting the Results on the Old Church Wall…

And we won!!!!! The place went nuts….and of course we had to have a parade – what’s a Spanish victory in a cherished sporting event without a round-the-town parade with marching bands, dancing and the ever present fireworks!


And Away We Go! March People, March!

And I managed to capture a wee bit of video action for your viewing & listening pleasure…