A Regatta, Some Bonito & Beer…



And They Are Off!!!!

It is summer time here in Spain and that means regatta time! Quite a few of the Basque Coastal towns support & root for a rowing team. All summer they hold weekly races, alternating towns until the end of the season when a row off amongst the league leaders happens. It was Hondarribia’s turn to be host, and host they did.

The water looked a wee bit choppy and nervously high, and one black evil looking cloud was lingering about amongst the white ones & a patchy blue skies. The crowds were out in force though, lining the breakwater, the esplanade & beachfront for an event that lasts all of an hour! And to be honest, it is an event (as I have written before) best watched in your local pub with a big screen TV as once the boats exit the harbour, there is bugger all to see.


Top Left: Allen Displaying True Aussie Bush Knowledge; Two Wet Nuts; Flags; Billie Boy; Hound #1 & #2 All Kitted Up

But the real highlight for us folks is the BBQ – we are smack dab in the middle of bonito season & the fish on offer @ the regatta are caught just of the coast of Hondarribia! We had our mates Lizette & Allen (the folks who bring you the awesome Warialda Beef) visiting from Melbourne so this was a local yokel event not to be missed.

And it was superb – for all of €2 we gobbled down perfectly cooked bonito steaks topped with a pimiento de padrón…and of course cold cervazas….


Bonito A La Plancha – Yum.