Alcampo Es Gigantesco!


Alcampo – Mega Store

Alcampo is Spain’s version of the US of A’s Costco or Sam’s Club and is as big or I’d say even bigger than those stores. You almost need a motorised shopping vehicle to get from one end of the store to the other – it takes a good 5 minutes of walking to go from one side to the other (pictured above). And it is as deep as it is wide.

And it sells all manner of products from homewares to car accessories to garden supplies and of course food & wine. We do not shop here often, and for the most part our purchases are confined to cleaning products (they carry the Froggy Eco range) or toilet paper, dog food or snacks (Smackos – Billie’s fave) and food items  we cannot seem to find in our local shops (e.g., gran padano or mozzarella cheese, fresh herbs). And I will give them some credit for their wine department – extensive range and good prices (booze is cheap too – €10 for a litre of Gordon’s Gin).


Modest Selection of Take Home Jamón

In some areas they are quite impressive (like wine mentioned above) such as their charcuterie selections – hard to beat several hundred pounds of cured pork legs on offer or the 150 foot double sided, chilled display case chocka with every type of charcuterie imaginable…then there is the deli counter! And then there is the Fish Departamento….


Alcampo Fish Departamento….

The supermarket fish departments are, on average, very impressive and they should be given the proximity to the sea, the fishing industry and the Spanish & Basque love of pescado. But Alcampo’s is – for lack of a better word – staggering in size and selection…covering all known fish types and some not known, as well as most forms of crustacean. And, of course, at very affordable prices compared to our experiences in New Zealand or Australia or the USA.


I was very lucky to get these photos as it seems most fish folks do not take kindly to having their or their fish’s pictures taken. We are not sure if this is because they think we are competitors of some form or that some of the fish may be of suspect origins (i.e., from UK waters). As I snapped my final shot, a massive, burly woman in an apron & waving a samurai sized knife approached me and yelled in Spanish ‘te poco mierda, te poco mierda’…you little shit, you little shit.


It’s Tuna Season in the Basque Country


Shellfish Anyone?