The Fountain Head Pub, Branscombe, Devon…


It was a mildly dreary day so what better thing to do than head out for a Sunday arvo pub lunch. We really like the picturesque village of Branscombe and have popped into the wonderful Masons Arms on several occasions – once just prior to Christmas when there were twice as many dogs as folks…our kind of pub. So on this Sunday, we made the decision to visit Branscombe’s other pub, the Fountain Head.

A word of caution – if you visit the pub’s web site, do not let the photos put you off a visit as they did us (versus making our regular stop at the Masons Arms) because they do not do justice to the pub’s character nor the excellent quality of the food & drink. We can empathise with just how hard it can be to decently capture the interior of such a graciously, old pub. The Fountain Head dates from the 14th century so you know we be talk’n old and it has not got a jukebox, nor a gaming machine and is wonderfully devoid of the big flat screen TV. It does have open log fires, dog-friendly slate floors with well polished patina and a mos def cosy vibe.


The pub’s web site advertises “home cooked food at prices that won’t break the bank” and that is pretty much spot on. Hounds #2 & #3 were not famished so we didn’t go for the enticing main specials. Instead Hound #3 decided on the cauliflower cheese entree. For £6.50 this was a seriously sized starter and delicious with the subtle touch of mustard seeds in the cheese sauce.

Hound #2 went for the home cooked honey roast ham & mustard on granary bread for a very reasonable £4.50 and it was all washed down with very local Branscombe Vale Brewery ales.

Speaking of ales, the Fountain Head hosts a beer festival each year and this year’s takes place from Friday June 21st to Sunday June 23rd so put those dates in your calendar for what we are sure will be a grand time. And once (or if) the Summer actually arrives, you might want to give the Fountain Head’s Hog Roasts & Music night a whirl. Maybe we will see you there….FountainHeadSammie

Hound #1 was most welcome in the Fountain Head pub but fancied doing his well practised ‘indognito’ act which, as this picture will give evidence, he’s an ace at.


And if you do decide to pay a visit to the Fountain Head or Masons Arms pubs, don’t miss the opportunity to have a wee stroll about the village and check out the stunning local church.